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Financial Advisory
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Refers to a financial advisory and related financial and accounting expertise natural or legal person entrusted to the client to provide business solutions, behavioral planning and guidance services. Financial advice should be very broad meaning, whether it is entrusted to provide professional services to financial advice, or subordinate to the overall management of the provision of advisory services subsidiary of financial advice. Should be indispensable. Therefore, financial advice can be roughly defined as: consulting companies, securities companies, investment banks and other professional organizations and professionals, financial asset management, investment securities and other related management consulting services to customers, investors and other services provided by the object, that all relevant financial advisory services financial advisory activities are broadly defined. 
Financial Advisory theory is a management consulting, financial analysis should first consult a deep understanding of the meaning of the meaning of management consulting. Counseling, traditional sense refers to solicit the opinions of others, ask for help or give ideas, suggestions, meaning trick of setting. Management Consulting can either be seen as a professional service, and can be seen as a way to provide practical advice and helpful. More authoritative definition of management consulting is: "to help managers and organizations, by addressing the problem of management and operation, to identify and seize new opportunities, and strengthen learning and implementing change to achieve the goals and objectives of an organization independent professional advice service. "
2 Theoretical status 
Theoretically, financial investment and income is the principal activity at the "big financial" framework, financial theory system can be divided into national finance, corporate finance and home finance, which is based mainly on the different divisions of financial subjects and their characteristics . From another angle, you can each financial body (the state, enterprises and households) of the financial activities of the nature of their business is divided into independent wealth management and trust management. Among them, the self-finance can be divided into autonomous decision-making financial decisions and financial consulting. Meanwhile, independent financial decisions are not really rely on their ability to separate financial decisions, financial advisory and often subtly affect the ability to nurture the body of independent financial decisions. Therefore, experts believe that financial advice plays an important role in financial theory. Especially with the development of an independent management consulting industry and has become an emerging industry, as well as a large number of professional financial consulting firms continue to emerge, underscoring the important role in financial advisory practices. 
3 Financial Advisory 
Management to enhance 
Optimization for enterprise financial management and personnel capacity building provided include the reorganization process of combing, strategic undertaking, development planning, system design, staff training, including specific system solutions. 
Analysis of Implementation 
Advising on various aspects of the process and methods of corporate financial strategy, organizational structure, budget management, working capital, internal control, cost management, credit management, diagnostic systems, diagnostic reports issued to provide practical solutions and guidance to implement the final help companies achieve a comprehensive upgrade capabilities. 
Tax Advisory 
Including helping companies tax optimization, significant tax-related matters of professional support, tax incentives to assist applicants, as well as perennial corporate tax consultancy services. 
Collection of business management and management information when the external period, to help enterprises issued by the "Internal Control Evaluation Report", "Financial Analysis Model and Report" and other professional reports, providing comprehensive advice to management. 
Executive education 
Senior managers for enterprises based on the characteristics of individual responsibility and the ability to coach service, through in-depth understanding of the long-term tracking and regular exchanges, develop and implement capacity building program, reinforcing personal capacity short board. 
Short-term regulation 
Finance Director to help companies tide over the transfer of vacuum, this period of financial management-related matters to provide the appropriate professional guidance.
Long-term consultants 
For long-term customer contract to provide comprehensive professional support, including complex business process guidance, advice and other financial management issues associated with business development consulting and environmental changes occur as major business decisions. 
4 Financial Advisory specific content 
A financial organization building and financial staff capacity building, enhance leadership and influence financial organizations 
2, the enterprise financial management capacity and potential risks and provide improved analysis and diagnosis program 
3, strengthen management accounting functions, quantitative analysis of business results, providing support for management decisions 
4, establish and improve the comprehensive budget management system, ensure the achievement of business objectives 
5, establish a sound internal control risk prevention system, combing analysis of business processes 
6, to create value for the enterprise through tax planning 
7, working capital and improve efficiency analysis 
8, the whole value chain strategy and cost control 
9, ERP diagnosis and counseling 
10, credit control system construction and evaluation 
11, the establishment and improvement of the internal audit system 
12, the project investment analysis and evaluation of management decisions 
13, issued by the professional management of the evaluation report and recommendations 
14, senior managers and professional financial capacity to develop guidance 
15, the contents of the special training for consulting, advisory achievement promote transformation and landing

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