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Patent Application
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Patent applications: creation of an invention patent application must be made by the applicant to the government (in China, People's Republic of China State Intellectual Property Office is now), after People's Republic of China State Intellectual Property Office in accordance with legal procedures for examination and approval, in order to obtain a patent rights. In China, at present inventions 
Patent invention and utility model patent certificate 
Patent invention and utility model patent certificate (6) 
Includes three types, namely: inventions, utility models and designs. 
At the application stage, were called patent for invention, utility model patent and design patent applications. After obtaining authorization, were called invention patents, utility model patents and design patents, this time, the applicant is appropriate patent the patentee. 
National regulations 

According to the national patent law, the inventor at the time of filing a patent application, must be described in the Summary of the Invention, and specifically pointed out the claimed range (Claims). Also, if necessary, be accompanied by drawings to explain their invention. 
U.S. patent law, the inventor at the time of filing a patent application must be submitted to the Patent Office: 
Specification (Specification); 
One of the most important is the manual. In accordance with the provisions of United States law, the applicant's description should include the name of the invention, the invention of the narrative, the way the manufacture and use of the invention, a method is described, and the inventors believe that the best way to implement their own invention (BestMode). For these cases, the applicant must disclose truthfully and should be enough to make people generally have a degree of technical expertise to implement the invention. In addition, the applicant must also clearly and specifically in the description of his request for a proposed scope of patent protection. Since the content of the application is quite complicated, if not meet the requirements of the law, tend to be rejected patent office, so people are generally commissioned invention patent attorney or patent agent to apply. 

Awarded the principle 

Accordance with the basic principles of patent law, for the same invention, a patent can only be granted. When there are two or more people in the same situation invention patent applications were made, there are two treatment principles: one is the first principle of the invention, one is the first to apply the principle. First principle of the invention is that, for the same invention, if two or more people are filing a patent application, the patent should be granted to the first person to make this invention, irrespective of their time of filing a patent application sooner or later. However, due to take this principle when, in determining who is the first inventor of the problems often encountered many practical difficulties, therefore, only a few countries, the United States, Canada and the Philippines in the world use this 
Patent Application 
Patent Application 
Kind of principle. The so-called first apply the principle means that when two or more people apply for the same invention, respectively, do not ask them to make the invention has the time, but by the time the patent application, whichever has proposed, namely to grant the patent who first filed, China and most of the world have adopted this principle.

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