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Tannet: Expert interpretation of Hong Kong compani
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With the global integration has continued to deepen, many domestic enterprises have carried out outstanding international business, but due to tax rates, capital flows and other factors, the development subject to certain restrictions. Is there a way to solve these problems it can be reasonably well-known one-stop business service organizations -? Tannet Group Co. relevant responsible person said, the Hong Kong Companies Registry is a good choice. 

Frequently asked questions (400-880-8199) of the relevant person in charge, the Hong Kong company registration, for the development of domestic enterprises, it has many advantages, the first is the company name very free, company name, registered capital will not be restricted , whose name can use the word Group, an international holding and investment company name can also add your favorite country name or names, such as: the word in Asia, China, France, the United States, Hong Kong, Shanghai, the company name can be in English and use either a single use, the English name must be "LIMITED", Chinese name must end with "Limited." In addition, there is no Hong Kong company's business scope restrictions, no trade restrictions, you can run any lawful business. In addition, the Hong Kong company with a registered capital without limitation, this one for domestic enterprises is a big advantage. Hong Kong companies as a standard equity shares, the minimum can be as low as a share (registered capital without verification); capital will not be reflected in the company's certificate of incorporation and business registration certificate above, such as registered capital is higher than the standard equity 10,000 Hong Kong dollars, need additional capital to increase the delivery of government-thousandth part of stamp duty (equivalent to the domestic stamp duty), the registered capital does not need to actually arrive without verification. 

Of course, the domestic tax issues for business owners are most concerned about, the Hong Kong Companies Registry also has the advantage of very low tax rate in Hong Kong, less taxes, general corporate involves only the profits tax rate to 16.5 percent lower; More importantly, profits tax is division revenue source of profits, only produce or obtain (ie from Hong Kong) of the profits will be required to profits tax in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, do not even come from the profits will be paid in Hong Kong there is no need to import tax, subject to the Inland Revenue Department tax exemptions; imports of general merchandise, and without payment of customs duties, a low tax environment conducive to the development of international institutions to achieve a reasonable tax savings with many tax advantages of Hong Kong; addition, Hong Kong also has a strong foreign trade advantages, Hong Kong is a free the commercial port, logistics and out freely, not out of general cargo tariffs, sea and air logistics fast; capital flows freely, Hong Kong has no exchange controls, a variety of foreign currency exchange can be mobilized at any time, and funds out there is no limit; businessman much like to use send and receive letters of credit to facilitate banks in Hong Kong. 

Markets, Hong Kong is Asia's financial center, the credit is the basis for the development of international business, Hong Kong is the economic and financial center of Asia, Hong Kong companies easy access to international credit and credit, you can set up the company's bank account in Hong Kong, Hong Kong banks to credit to foreign business partners receive the credit, the international status of Hong Kong's remarkable, the emerging popularity of Hong Kong companies used to be packaged for businesses in the international arena to secure a competitive advantage; set up a company in Hong Kong, you can immediately share the overall international image and status, to enhance the company's own competitiveness. Finally, Hong Kong companies can open offshore accounts and local accounts, Hong Kong companies in the world's major banks to open foreign currency accounts of public funds (to mention money, transfer, save money, and very freely), Hong Kong companies can go overseas leaving Local Folio the company's offshore account, greatly facilitate the flow of corporate funds. 

Most Houdengnite (www.beijing-tannet.com) the relevant person in charge to remind the majority of business owners, although many of the advantages of Hong Kong registered company, but want to be successful Hong Kong registered company also needed by professional business service organizations to carry out, the only way to faster, better realization Hong Kong company registration, to help companies achieve better development.

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