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HK secretarial services
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Hong Kong company secretarial services 
     Hong Kong company secretary, legal secretary and business generally divided secretary, because Hong Kong companies allowed to leave Hong Kong operations in other regions, so each one Hong Kong law firms in Hong Kong must have a local person or a body corporate to provide secretarial services , legal secretary when the company registered every company must be some government regulations. 
(A) Hong Kong company legal secretarial services. 
Hong Kong's legal secretary qualifications, the Hong Kong company secretary may be a natural person or a body corporate. If an individual, that person must be ordinarily resident in Hong Kong; If a body corporate, the body corporate must have a registered address or place of business in Hong Kong. Secretary of a listed company on the more stringent requirements. Secretary of a listed company must be personal rather than corporate bodies, and the person must be of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators Association, Hong Kong Branch members, lawyers, barristers or professional accountant, but it must be recognized Stock Exchange in terms of academic and professional qualifications enough to perform their duties. Under the laws of Hong Kong, the company secretary post by the board members, which has a dual identity. However, if the company has only one director, then the director can not serve as company secretary. When a document jointly signed by the directors and secretary, who has the dual role of director and secretary signed only in his capacity as secretary. Appointed Company Secretary Hong Kong, the Hong Kong company's articles - as would be the appropriate provisions of the Board of Directors appointed by the Secretary under the conditions and remuneration as it thinks. Hong Kong Company Secretary's authority, the Hong Kong company secretary is not just an employee. Company Secretary is entitled to sign on behalf of the company - some with routine administrative matters relating to the contract, such as contract hire employees. Hong Kong Company Secretary's responsibility, the responsibility of the company secretary depends on its arrangements with the company. In general, the Secretary shall ensure that the company's operations meet the requirements of the Companies Ordinance. 
Company Secretary typically have the following responsibilities: 
(A) participate in the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors, write meeting minutes; 
(2) in the direction of the board, the issue of notice to all persons entitled to attend the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors; 
(3) the secretary should countersign documents and stamped; 
(4) deal with the equity transfer matters; 
(5) Save the meeting, shareholders, directors and secretary of the roster, mortgage roster; 
(6) submit the relevant documents to the Registrar of Companies as required, such as annual reports, change of directors or shareholders of the notification. 
(B) Hong Kong company secretarial services business 
Business secretarial services 
Business secretarial services distinct from legal secretarial services. We provide business secretarial services are those who set up a company in Hong Kong, providing a diversified, multi-functional business support services. After the company registration, with good sound business support services to achieve their own commercial purposes, is an indispensable part. Therefore, we have designed a business secretarial services based on the customer's business goals in mind, and in a fair, just, reasonable and legitimate principle of doing things, and do our best to meet customers' different needs. 
Business secretarial services include: 
(A) provide registered address alternative; 
(2) provide a guarantor and spokesperson, providing locals as directors and shareholders; 
(3) to provide alternative business mailing address; 
(4) collection and disposal company business and bank correspondence; 
(5) provides telephone and fax numbers do Hong Kong company promotional; 
(6) provides business telephone fax reception service manned calls, receive faxes, record a message, conveyed mouth hearing; 
(7) fax and letter will be received after the scan to e-mail sent immediately to the recipient; 
(8) The originals of letters received by fax and regular forwarded to the recipient or recipients themselves to Division I; 
(9) provide independent fax forwarding service hotline can answer incoming calls are transferred to the designated phone; 
(10) the collection of mail and small items can be temporary or according to customer wishes on behalf of processing; 
(11) provide meeting rooms and business parlor reception.

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