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Integrity abide by the credit 
"Integrity" is the cornerstone of the Universal values, emphasizing employee ethics, "abide by the credit" is a Universal basic commitment to customers. 
Respect: the work environment in each different cultural backgrounds. 
Loyalty: For our long-term cooperation partner. 
Pragmatic pursuit of excellence 
Respect the objective facts, is that we deal with all the problems of law. 
The pursuit of excellence achievement is our solemn commitment to customer-facing. 
Dedication and innovation 
We believe "wholeheartedly to work" is the driving force to achieve the desired. Universal require employees to work and life are wholeheartedly invested, and only the combined company and the employees' rights in order to protect the future of sustainable development and growth. We firmly believe that innovation is a source of continuous improvement, support and guide the innovation and development is the eternal truth. 
Teamwork exhibition director 
We seek a harmonious team collaboration and common progress, allowing team members to develop their potentials, to make their facilities only. 
We are happy for people to invest in order to enrich the most valuable human resources. 
We respect different cultures and lifestyles due to the formation of the working environment, and their mutual integration.

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