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Registered Cayman Company
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Cayman registered company benefits: 
Sign benefits Cayman company is mainly tax breaks, financial raise of holding assets, international investment, the best choice for overseas listing. It seems there are 5:00 Comprehensive benefits: 
1 Cayman Islands, no tax, either for an individual, company or trust industry does not levy any tax. Therefore, the Cayman Islands is called a true tax haven. Cayman Islands in 1978 a royal decree, decree forever exempt from tax obligations in the Cayman Islands, the current laws remain in force. Companies can also apply for an exemption for 20 years valid exemption certificate without further ensure its tax status. No profit tax, property tax, the only tax to stamp duty, any transfer or mortgage of real estate required to pay stamp duty. 
2 No additional regulations restrict trade. 
3 no foreign exchange controls, funds can be flexibly. 
4 types of exempt company need not use the name of the company "LIMITED" (ie "limited") words ending 
5 good confidentiality. Cayman tax exempt companies with a natural person entitled to the same rights. Exempt companies must submit an annual inspection report, but need not disclose the annual report information directors and members. April 2001, the Cayman government issued new regulations require all companies to disclose to the registered agent company mainly responsible, members, beneficiaries and the donor's information. This provision applies to all new companies have been registered companies must provide information within a certain period. Relevant information is considered a trade secret, by the "confidential relationship Maintenance Act" jurisdiction. So if you disclose this information to any person or attempt to obtain the information or through illegal means to obtain the information that will violate the criminal law. 
Cayman registered company processes 
Cayman company registration procedures more cumbersome, the need to fill the information more, generally require time-consuming one month, when the relevant government departments operate more frequently when delays will occur. 
General registration process: 
1 Division I signed licensing contracts and related documents; 
2 Division I offer you multiple searches by company name; 
3 to submit the relevant government departments conduct; 
4. government audit successful return after the relevant registration materials; 
5 registered the results and determine the parties to fulfill their respective responsibilities. 
Cayman registered company procedures described above, if you need professional registration services, you can contact our service for you, our local professional in the Cayman accountants and lawyers familiar with the local laws and regulations, be able to register you save very much trouble for professional services, please contact our company for you. 
The resulting file after registration is complete 
Cayman successfully registered your company, it will receive 11 copies of the following documents: 
1. Subscriber's Resolutions; sponsor resolutions book; 
2. Resolutions of the First Director; First Directors resolution book; 
3. Resolutions of the Sole Director of the Company; resolutions of the sole director of the company books; 
4. Share Transfer; share transfer books; 
5. Original copy of Certificate of Incorporation; original business registration certificate; 
6. A stamped Memorandum and Articles of Association ("M & A"); Original Articles of Association; 
7.Copies of M & A; copies of the articles of association; 
8. Register of Members, Directors, Officers, Transfers and Changes; company member / director / Staff registries and transfer of shares; 
9. A booklet of share certificates; equity proof; 
10. Company seal and chop; Company Stamps and seals; 
11. Copy of Filing Schedule of Cayman Islands Companies. Cayman company document registration schedule. 
After you successfully registered Cayman carefully review the relevant documents, to avoid missing. 
Cayman registered company Conditions 
Sign Cayman's condition (legal provisions) 
1 registered authorized capital: the standard authorized capital of $ 50,000 
2 Directors Requirements: must appoint at least one director, with any nationality and residence with any natural or legal person may simultaneously serve as a director; director of information must be disclosed to the Registrar of Companies, but the information will not be disclosed for public inspection book 
3 shareholder requirements: must appoint at least one shareholder, has no nationality and residence with any natural or legal person may simultaneously serve as directors and shareholders; shareholders at the registered agent information only archive 
4 Registered Agent: must appoint a Cayman company or individual (with Cayman residency status) as registered agent 
5 Registered address: Must be in the Cayman Islands (can be a PO Box 
Cayman company registration conditions like on five main areas, if in doubt you can contact our company for you to solve.

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