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Registration Macau Company
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For a lot of people feel the company registered in Macau difficult, but after practice I feel just follow the procedure is very smooth, the following to share about how the company registered in Macau? 
Macau's program 
Macau is the implementation of the Code France region, so the establishment of the new company procedures complicated than the common law countries. In fact, the lawyer (notary) to participate in many aspects of document preparation and notary. Note that the notary fee depends on the number of new companies involved shareholders and directors. Macau does not restrict foreign companies or individuals setting up a company in Macau. The entire set up process should first select the company name, then apply to the commercial and vehicle registration bureau. After the application is approved, the legal age of eligibility with one or more persons, regardless of their nationality and place of residence, you can sign documents and other articles of association signed commercial law requirements. Notarized document by a government official or notary notarized. After you have signed and notarized documents nuclear business and vehicle registration shall be submitted Bureau registered. To save time, we recommend that the file by lawyers notaries notary, notary when all shareholders, directors must be present. After registration, business and vehicle registration bureau issued proof of establishment, the company has acquired legal personality. The company should be established within 15 days after the opening statement to the Financial Bureau, fill out the form M1, then along with other relevant documents submitted to the council. 
Macau Business Type 
The company is based in Macau "Macau Commercial Code" provides a company incorporated with the following types: - 
1 unlimited company 
2 "stocks" (Quotas) 1 mixed liability company 
3 shares mixed liability company 
4 "stocks" (Quotas) Co., Ltd. 
5 one-person limited liability company 
6 shares limited liability company 
Macau companies require registration 
Equity: The required minimum capital of 25,000 patacas (3,125 U.S. dollars). According to Business Law Section 201,204,358 to 363, with the following restrictions: 
Stocks (Quotas) to patacas calculations. Minimum amount is $ 1,000 patacas, and is a multiple of 100 patacas. Can be in cash or non-cash forms of investment capital, if the use of non-cash forms of capital injections, then set up the document must be accompanied by a qualified auditor certified valuation report. The report must be prepared within 60 days of the establishment of the company. On the first pen 25,000 patacas capital must be injected immediately after the company was founded. If its first capital of more than $ 25,000, then you can allow late paid. But late payment of capital not less than any one shareholder holding 
Commercial law in the name of the executive director (Administration Body), some 50 percent equity. All paid up share capital at the latest within three years. If shareholders do not pay capital to fulfill responsibilities under the law, other shareholders may purchase under equity shareholders according to the proportion of their shares. 
Shareholders: A company must have at least 1 (one person, Ltd.) to two shareholders, the shareholders can be people, it can be a human. Shareholders are not necessarily Macao residents, but due to some documents subject to Macau Notary Public, so shareholders must be at least one person to the Macau notary procedures. Commercial law for the capital increase and capital reduction has prescribed. Macau is not implemented due to the common law, it may not recognize equities nominee or trustee agency's law. This Ask your attorney. 
Directors: Commercial Law provides for the establishment similar to the "executive body" "Board" common law jurisdictions of. Simplicity, we call this organization and its members called for the board of directors. At least for a number of directors, directors are not necessarily shareholders. Directors elected by the shareholders, unless the articles of association, there are no term limits directors. Company directors need not be residents of Macau. Shareholders may pass a resolution to remove directors. 
Company Secretary: Specify the number of the number of shareholders of the Company is equal to or more than 10 people or companies to issue bonds, or capital, total assets or turnover than the government (Chief Executive): if any of the following circumstances, the company should appoint a secretary. Company Secretary need not be residents of Macao, but according to the Commercial Law Article 237 stipulates that the secretary must be a member of the board of directors or staff, or a lawyer 
Supervisors: Supervisory Board composed of three persons (unless the articles of association for one person), his appointment must be based on the following: the number of shareholders is equal to or more than 10 people, or the company has to issue bonds, or capital, total assets or turnover than the government (Chief Executive) to specify the number. Supervisors need not be residents of Macao, but one must have a supervisor is a registered auditor Macau. Supervisors must be a natural person.

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