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Registration Offshore Company
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Offshore Companies 
Advantages of offshore companies registered overseas 
A person as shareholder directors: to ensure that the company's absolute individual private ownership, safe and reliable; 
Without submitting Office Address: Registered Agent on behalf of registered address recognized by the Government, flexible and convenient; 
Registered capital of no capital injection: the registered capital of the subscription form, without the substance into the company; 
Without tax returns do account: saving time, effort and money. (Hong Kong company income tax accounts to be done); 
Opening a bank account in foreign currency: the best way to have an offshore bank account in foreign currency, to be received open letters of credit; 
Not sector specific requirements: can register a wide range of industries, company name, flexible and less restricted; 
Establishment of the rapid procedure is simple: no cumbersome approval of industry sectors, with ready-made shell companies; 
Facilitate financing choose the listing: make sizable profit companies listed in the international financial center might; 
Secret identity to protect privacy: shareholder information can be hidden without disclosure; 
Effectively reduce the risk: Using Offshore Limited commercial operation to ensure the safety of personal property; 
Use trusts to avoid trouble: offshore trusts to avoid paying personal income tax and inheritance tax; 
Enhance the company's image position: offshore company widely used by Governments and international commercial banks recognized; 
You can hold the property capital: When the property or capital transfers, simply transfer equity firm, simple tax-free; 
Freehold policy stability: Company timely renewal of the declaration, can continue operating indefinitely; 
International assurance: offshore company, international recognition, by the appropriate international legal protection; 
               Legal tax avoidance is not tax evasion; asset protection is not concealed; 
               Money laundering is not functioning; secret identity is not cheating. 
(* Due to the different company's relevant laws and regulations and systems, corporate tax and provisions for renewal of registration will be different) 
Offshore Companies 
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