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Brand brings difference effect 
     Hong Kong's well-known brand consultants Charles Ng said, is not just a name, a combination of graphics, a logo, a product, a class of service, but the minds of consumers overall impression and experience of a group of "intangible value", and therefore a strong brand is a living, vivid, rich in content, and a powerful charm and attractive merchandise system. 
     He pointed out that the increasingly intense competition in the market, the product must have a difference in effect. "Enterprise introduction identification system operators to introduce a brand concept, has only one aim is to establish a bridgehead in the minds of the guests. Companies like human beings, desire image, visual behavior lasting for years." Charles Ng described the dramatic transformation of today's institutional image era, but also government agencies, industry, SMEs, centuries-old numbers, the old shop reborn new commercial creative new generation! 
Quality control, quality, character, character, taste 
     He said that many people think that the brand is very abstract, in fact, the success of the brand is: quality control, quality, character, character, taste sum, removing exaggerated, boast, boast floating, minus untrue, pale, dishonesty, mistakes, distortion after multiplied by the feelings, senses, feelings, feelings and thoughts. 
     Charles Ng believes that the brand's value is rooted in the brand and the guest relations - no consumers, there is no brand. "Excellent brand that can help customers deal with information products or services, reduce the risk of shopping, make buying decisions easier, determining the quality and ensure credibility, but more important is to create the impression of different values and differences, so that guests can only in a certain brand find the necessary. "
     Mentioned specific strategies to build brand, Charles Ng raised a number of real riding direction. First, the need to recognize over from OEM to OSM (Original Standardization Manufacturer) is important, "Hong Kong Li Ka International started by OEM, in line with the upgrading and restructuring the environment, to the OSM positive direction, through innovation and strategic thinking, and create the future they establishment of an International cultural creative industry Park in Shenzhen printing, through the members of the supply chain synergies, attract industry elite gathering the park, not only to create more business opportunities, but also play a huge propaganda influence. 
From OEM to OSM, the difference from plagiarism to innovation 
     Secondly, Hong Kong should learn from plagiarism to be copied to innovation differences. Charles Ng explained that businessmen often refers to mainland plagiarism seriously, but in fact, Hong Kong is also plagiarism 60s are deliberately imitate Japan, Germany and other designs. But after copying glance shortage began in innovation, stressing the people are different. "Beijing was originally treasures grain cereals shop, we crispness repositioned to health care treasures show, while developing multiple product line, from grain commodity prices increased from a few dollars to several hundred dollars." 
     In addition, the businessmen need to master from the cold media (physical property) to a warm feeling (emotional attributes), and then boom (lifestyle, ideology) marketing techniques. "This process was very difficult, for example, restaurant cold media, by special decoration or service package, giving guests a warm feeling and consumer satisfaction, Greenwood, Tao Heung bakery and even the recent M18 are examples of success." 
Cross-industry cross-over, manufacturing topics 
     Charles Ng noted that Hong Kong companies in order to brand differentiation, have tried with other sectors of the cross-over, for example, furniture stores 兹曼尼 working with different designers, this concept car plant design dream car with the same result was extensive media attention . "In addition, 兹曼尼 cooperation with a local sled dog brand, design a series of pet furniture, not only to respond to market needs, but also opened up a new business, successfully transplanted to innovative merchandise." 
     Philosophy often gives the abstract sense, but for enterprise development from merchandise sales and service, but it is very important. Charles Ng example, Body Shop from start to finish, all with environmentally friendly production of various types of cosmetic and care products, highlighting its social responsibility philosophy. "Another successful example is the Royal jewelery shop in Hong Kong after the financial crisis, in order to reduce foreign dependence on exports, so focus on developing their own brands, Chinese philosophy is the concept of Italian style, the introduction of 9 + 1 marketing strategy, that is, a mainline brand with nine product deputy line, such as men's jewelry, children's jewelry, pet jewelry. "
Activation of old things old things, explore new business opportunities 
     Charles Ng believes that there is always the history of enterprise development process, from the modern tradition come again in the future, businesses can take advantage of this period of history to explore new business opportunities. "Now young people love to stylish cafes and leisure, traditional herbal tea why not? So Hung Fook Tong development of Chinese light food establishments." Another example is Taiwan's traditional industries (such as pencils, soap, etc.), through the activation of old factories, fight tourist hot spots, like the size of a small museum. Hong Kong lost many old industries, such as bread factory, sauces plants, herbal tea, etc., in fact, can also draw reference. 
     Wu said that Hong Kong ahead of the competition from the development of OEM, to rest on our laurels now rely stagnant, reflecting Hong Kong's lagging behind in innovation and invention, the future need to catch up on the knowledge, intelligence, creative economy, "the economic environment changes, the crisis is timing, Hong Kong is located at the mainland window, sitting on brand development opportunities, and thus the prospects are optimistic. "

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