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Hong Kong enterprises can register this month in H
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Reporters learned that the former Sea Authority, this month, Hong Kong registered company without personally came before the sea, located in Admiralty formalities before the sea that is submitted to the Commissioner Liaison for the entire service. 

It is understood that before the sea front called the International Liaison Services Limited Sea towards Hong Kong Liaison Office is currently progressing smoothly. The company will adopt corporate-style operation, there will be 6-7 nationals who are familiar with Hong Kong, Hong Kong served as commissioner, has now opted for a more than 300 square meters of space as a liaison office in Hong Kong Admiralty, venues including the former sea planning exhibition hall , a service window and conference rooms, is expected to become the industry's various sectors especially exchanges with the former sea platforms. 

Reporters learned that the company is about to Foreign Office, formally accepted the related matters. Hong Kong people will not have to rush to the sea before the Authority registered enterprises in Shenzhen, adequate out of Hong Kong in Hong Kong can act forward sea Authority service agencies to submit registration information, and then reviewed by the Board before the sea, enjoy a one-stop registration services.

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