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"Companies Registration fee" income and non-income
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Not long ago at a friend's referral and the Hong Kong Companies Registry under "peer" With a close contact with the Registrar of Companies to get a lot of publicity brochures, which are deep feelings for "business license" for a surcharge. Despite the price tag, but the charges are not low, even the application forms are provided by type of value, which is quite different with the mainland, then learned that some of the following information, with little feelings. 
"The government sector" can also be "self-supporting", which has been impossible in today's mainland government agencies, because with the deepening of reform and opening up, the implementation of government revenues and expenditures have been more than 10 years. But at the Hong Kong Companies Registry, May 1, 1993 established under the Hong Kong Financial Secretary management, but it is the first Hong Kong government to government trading fund basis and the implementation of "self-supporting" statutory body. And a few years, the Hong Kong Companies Registry in Hong Kong has become one of the few profitable government departments. According to information on the total income of the Hong Kong Companies Registry is basically stable, normal annual spending accounts for about 80%, of which 50% of earnings as dividends turned over part of the government, 16.5 percent tax, and the rest as an R & D funds, these funds are mainly used research and development of computer software, office automation and improve service quality. When the author of the government sector to provide public services and the charges generated doubt, peer straight to the point and said, "Yes, it seems contrary to the public service rules, but from the people and giving back to people more opponents, the government's public service targets has diversity, complexity and classification, rational validity of charges to better reflect the fair sex. "
HKU friend chimed in, the government's classification of public services, has a rational kernel and efficiency significance. Words in Chinese, the word had no business. Enterprise is a foreign language, the word in English corporate "enterprise", consists of two parts: "enter-" and "prise", the former has "won, began to enjoy," meaning, can be extended to "earnings, earnings"; after who is a "pry, prop," meaning extended to "leverage tool." The two parts together, said, "Enterprise" is "get profitable tool." Thus, the investor holds a certain amount of resources, he may not necessarily very strong, but its acceptance of the government public service registered companies registered intention is to find a beginning or process can be profitable, and the business itself risk must not allow the government to bear. Meanwhile the Government of limited public resources to give more vulnerable or helpless, to better reflect the broader public resources for taxpayers service, without being limited to a particular object or class. 
Opened the Companies Registry "Main Services", the first thing that catches the eye is "important matters", saying: This booklet sets out the company registration fees at the main service. See the Laws of Hong Kong 622K chapter "Companies (Fees) Rules." Indicate charging behavior is "legal." They say: a fee of documents must be delivered with the correct fee Registrar of Companies. Do not attach any required fees correct file, it will be regarded as undesirable file, the Registrar may refuse to accept or reject the registration of the document. Fee payable will be calculated based on the date of delivery of the file again. Late delivery of the annual return required to pay a higher registration fee. This is a pre-informed approach emphasizes the interest charges and registration documents, clearly expressed the registration fee in the unique role. Whether a Limited registered in Hong Kong or outside Hong Kong investors, charges HK $ 1720 (if the application is not approved, you can request a refund of HK $ 1425), but also to pay business registration fees; change the company name, the local company charges 295 HK (if not approved refund HK $ 5.5), change the name of non-Hong Kong company registration fees required to pay HK $ 1425. 
Holding companies to charge registration fees, countries (regions) have the relevant laws and regulations to regulate the international practice. Our companies have also registered charges, but in the year to combat "overcharged" special treatment, the "just and legitimate" has also been phased out. Today, companies do invest in Shanghai, registration authorities can not charge a penny (only a business license fee rose from 3 yuan to five yuan), some special populations venture capital companies can enjoy relevant government departments subsidies. In recent years, Shanghai's corporate average annual increase of as much as five or six million, in 2013 more than 100,000 (of course, every year there are tens of thousands or even five or six million were canceled), government spending is spending a lot of money. If in accordance with international practice, drawing on the strengths of others, by way of reform and innovation category management system "to close and do not accept," then certainly more than just saving government expenditure, it is administrative efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of government departments.

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