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Registered USA Company
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Registered U.S. company procedures 
If you want to entrust us your registered U.S. company, and its related procedures are as follows: 
1, the registration information to determine the name of the American company, shareholders, etc. please fill out the "American companies to apply for registration" to provide relevant information and documents 
2, while the delivery of the company's registration deposit 
3, we begin to handle your registration 
4, after the company successfully registered fax documents we will give you the relevant 
5, you need to pay the full cost of registered companies 
6, we will post a full set of original material to you. 
Registered company in the United States requires the following documents: 
Provide a shareholder or two or more shareholders passport or identity card, 
The share percentage (%) * indicate each shareholder. 
· Take three companies in the English name, names such as nuclear non-repeat can be used; 
Provide chairman, president, chairman, secretary, treasurer name; 
The resulting successful registration 
After registering American company, the following are documents and information you should receive: 
The company secretary of state registration certificate issued 
Company stamp 
Company file box 
The company recorded the first Board of Directors

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