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Since April 1, 2014, to reduce the risk of a large
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April 1, 2014, Hong Kong registered company costs rise, registered in Hong Kong greatly increase the cost of risk in the business news spread like wildfire, so there are a large number of companies registered in Hong Kong mainland businessmen panic. 
Hong Kong as an international financial center, for decades was named the most liberal area of global trade Forbes. It has a sound legal system, a simple tax system and low tax rates, as well as supporting a full range of infrastructure and communication facilities in recent years, attracting many mainland entrepreneurs and investors registered companies in Hong Kong. In order to understand clearly the company registered in Hong Kong aspects of government policy, the reporter consulted the Hong Kong Special Administrative specifically call the company and the Inland Revenue. 
It is understood that the HKSAR Government to stimulate the economy and encourage business development, introduced the "2013 Revenue (Reduction of Business Registration Fees) Order" in 2012, the period from April 1, 2014. March 4 this year, the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department on the issue of the latest government announcement "<2013 Revenue (Reduction of Business Registration Fees) Order> expires": from April 1, 2014, Hong Kong's business registration certificate no longer apply the waiver, the local company registered and established a one-stop, such as the application of the corporation is established between the (exemption) 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013 proposed to be paid under section 5A (1) (a) of the the cost can be reduced 2000 yuan, "2013 income (reduction of Business Registration fees) Order" will expire on April 1, 2014. In other words, from April 1 this year, the company registered in Hong Kong are subject to Hong Kong Government's 2000 Hong Kong dollars of business registration fees true. 
Well, the original Hong Kong registered company have a certain risk of failure, not to mention just need to personally go to Hong Kong registered company, spending manpower and resources are necessary to the ultimate success of Hong Kong registered company, but still an unknown. Moreover, there are many entrepreneurs and businesses to Hong Kong registered company processes, relevant laws and regulations are not familiar with, do not provide the address of the company registered in Hong Kong, in Hong Kong or Hong Kong company can not be appointed as a legal secretary firms. Now, they "untimely" hit the additional 2000 yuan business registration fees only stumbling block is undoubtedly greatly increased the risk of Hong Kong registered company costs. Then the face of this series of troubled mainland entrepreneurs and businesses, we contacted the agent registered company quite well known in the era of the Internet industry. 
Internet era is an integrated company, headquartered in Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong have branches, has its professional business service website (qy.now.cn), which provides a one-stop website of Hong Kong registered company service quality companies in the industry have a good reputation. Enterprise Group in charge of the Internet era Ting answered reporters' questions about the cost of reducing the risk of Hong Kong registered company. 
Ding said that the mainland does not establish the Hong Kong Companies Registry. Thus, the way to mainland entrepreneurs Hong Kong registered company currently only two: 

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