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Registered Hk Company
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Hong Kong is a highly developed international metropolis information, enjoys the most liberal trade treaty ports in the world, coupled with their excellent infrastructure and a sound legal system, which gives entrepreneurs and businessmen to provide a unique business environment . At present, more and more mainland businessmen holding different purposes, founded his own company in Hong Kong, through various channels, expanding the company's business, and establish an international image of the company, to improve their competitiveness. The following are the advantages of setting up a company in Hong Kong drip: 

(A) Name of the freedom of choice: whether we registered capital size, the Hong Kong government to allow the company name contains international, group, holding, industry, investment, and other words; 

(2) Business few restrictions: financial, pharmaceutical, shipping transportation, import and export trade, real estate, construction, decoration, information network, travel, college, cultural and publishing, associations, institutes, and other high-tech industries, are You can become our business; 

(3) low-tax environment conducive to the development: Hong Kong's low tax rates, less taxes, there are many agencies to use tax advantages of Hong Kong to achieve a reasonable tax avoidance internationally; We established company in Hong Kong, generally only need to pay two taxes: one is disposable Registered capital of stamp duty, the rate is 1000, this tax is based on your actual registered capital to be determined; another is the profits tax rate of 17.5%, this tax is based on our actual earnings (net profit) to calculate , the companies are not profitable, do not pay taxes. In addition to alcohol, tobacco or special, Hong Kong does not import and export taxes. 

(4) the registered capital of less and without verification: registered funds tend to directly affect the shareholders decide whether to set up a company, regardless of the number of registered capital in Hong Kong, do not require the funds to banks in Hong Kong Hong Kong Government requires a minimum registered capital. 10,000 Hong Kong dollars, can increase the registered capital in accordance with the actual situation. 

(5) expand the international market window and enter the mainland China market as a springboard: As Hong Kong's special historical conditions and geographical location, to the development of outward mainland enterprises to create favorable conditions. Therefore, the company established in Hong Kong, as a window to the outside, easy to gain the trust and cooperation of foreign cooperative enterprises; the other hand, China has just opened, overseas investors prefer to regional headquarters in Hong Kong as a springboard for investment in China. 

(6) easy access to international credit and credit: As we all know, Hong Kong is Asia's economic and financial center, almost every street has a bank. We can use the credit of Hong Kong banks, credit is the basis for the development of international business, after obtaining credit, we can use Hong Kong as a financial center for finance, you can also open a letter of credit directly to overseas, with smaller funds bigger deal. If necessary, we can also apply to the Hong Kong government subsidized loans to SMEs, then the money invested in the market profit. 

(7) flow, logistics, capital flows freely: Hong Kong is the world's most free and prosperous commercial port, good infrastructure, Hong Kong is not only the flow of people in and out freely, logistics and freedom of access, freedom of capital out of it. The flow of people in and out freely embodied in Hong Kong and more than 100 countries visa-free agreements, and the Pearl River Delta is also about to launch visa-free travel between plans; mainly in logistics and out freely without tariffs on goods entering and leaving, sea and air logistics processing fast; funds out freedom embodied no exchange controls in Hong Kong, various foreign currency exchange can be mobilized at any time, and funds out there is no limit. Businessmen like taking advantage of receiving the letter of credit banks in Hong Kong. 

(8) using Hong Kong popularity, the creation of Brand Hong Kong: Hong Kong's international status due to significant-coming companies often prefer to use the visibility of our packaging for their own businesses. For example, Hong Kong's clothing, toys, publishing and other cultural industries have a competitive advantage in the international arena. Founded in Hong Kong in this category companies can immediately share the overall international image and status, to a certain extent, can enhance the company's own competitiveness; 

(9) fight for the right of abode in Hong Kong: If your company has contributed to Hong Kong, you can apply to the Hong Kong Immigration Department and from multiple business visa. Lived seven years can get permanent residency in Hong Kong. Within this year, the Hong Kong Government will launch the immigrant investor program, this information, please pay attention to information published by the Hong Kong Government.

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