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Company Examined
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Annual inspection company refers to industrial and commercial administrative organs according to the company's annual check to make sure the legal system of the Company to continue to operate qualifications. Where receive "People's Republic of China corporate business license", "People's Republic of China business license", "company license", "business license" limited liability company, joint stock company, corporate and other non-corporate business units, both required to attend the annual inspection. Then set up companies registered to participate in the annual inspection since the following year. 
Table of Contents 
1 Introduction 
2 main content 
3 handling procedures 
Four annual material 
5 Prepare Data 
6 review content 
7 Process 
▪ online reporting 
▪ manual reporting 
8 Precautions 
▪ funded enterprises 
▪ foreign 

An enterprise when it participated in the annual inspection? 
According to "the company's annual inspection measures" provisions of Article V, inspection start and end dates for the annual March 1 to June 30. The registration authorities within the stipulated time, the situation in the company, one year to be checked. The company should be in the March 15 annual report sent materials to the registration authority. 
Second, what is the annual inspection of the contents? 
2 main content 

(A) company registration matters and the implementation of the changes; 
(B) the shareholder or investor's capital contribution or provide conditions for cooperation; 
(C) the company's external investment; 
(D) to set up branches circumstances; 
(Five) production and management company. 
Fifth, what the inspection procedure? 
The basic inspection program are: 
(A) company to apply, submit annual reports and other related materials; 
(B) the registration authorities accepted the annual audit materials; 
(C) the company to pay the annual fee; 
(D) the registration authorities to identify and stamp affixed annual inspection stamp; 
(E) the registration authorities reimbursed business license. 
Sixth, the company declared what documents should be submitted to inspection? 
Companies are required to submit annual declarations following documents: 
(A) the annual report; 
(B) the business license, a copy; 
(C) corporate annual balance sheet and income statement; 
(4) Other materials should be submitted. 
Unincorporated branches, in addition to submitting (a), the documents listed in (b) above shall also submit a copy of business license belongs (business license shall be stamped by the registration authority). 
Companies and foreign-invested companies shall submit an annual audit report. 
Less than one fiscal year and the newly established corporate or contract in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association funded the expiration of foreign-invested companies shall submit verification report. 
Seven, by the inspection company which is divided into two categories? What's on the Class B requirements? 
The registration authorities will pass the annual inspection of the company, divided into two categories: A-level industrial and commercial administrative regulations in order to comply in good condition; class B is a violation of industry and commerce administrative regulations act. 
"Annual inspection approach" Article XVII, B Company shall not register the change with the addition of sub-agencies and increase the operating range of the establishment of a limited liability company may not invest or limited. 
Eight, which the company will not pass the annual inspection? On how the company does not pass the inspection process? 
"Annual inspection approach" Article XV, the registration authorities for the following circumstances of the company, not by inspection: 
(A) the company failed to meet the minimum paid-up capital limit laws, administrative regulations; 
Although the (two) companies to reach minimum paid-up capital of laws and administrative regulations, but with significant differences between the registered capital;
(C) there are other serious violations, illegal behavior. 
The registration authorities shall not pass the annual inspection of the company, according to "Corporate Registration Regulations" and its implementation rules and the relevant provisions of the "Company Registration" punishment. 
Nine, fails to declare for inspection of the company, the registration authorities will punished? 
"Annual inspection approach" Article 18 of the company without justification in the March 15 annual material is not submitted, the registration authority shall be fined 1,000 yuan. 
Before the annual deadline undeclared inspection, belonging to the company, in accordance with the provisions of Article 68 of the "Company Registration Management Regulations", punishable by a fine of 10,000 yuan more than 100,000 yuan; belong to non-corporate corporate or unincorporated business belonging units, shall be fined three times the illegal income, but the maximum not more than 30,000 yuan, no illegal income, impose a fine of 10,000 yuan. 
Ten, did not participate in the inspection of the Company's ability to continue to engage in business activities? How the registration authorities will deal with? 
"Annual inspection measures" under Article 19, the company did not participate in the inspection shall not continue to engage in business activities. Registration deadline for the competent authority for the period prior to the inspection did not participate in the annual announcement of corporate conduct. Since the date of announcement, 30 days after the inspection has not yet declared, revoke its business license. 
XI inspection company can not handle the changes and cancellation of registration? 
According to the National Industrial and Commercial Bureau for Industry and Commerce [1995] No. 258 document, when the company applies for changes or cancellation of registration, if found that the company did not apply for annual inspection procedures or did not pass inspection, the industrial and commercial administrative authorities shall accept their changes (including the addition of branch institutions and foreign investment) or cancellation of the application, must wait until the annual check procedures, which shall then be accepted.

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