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Performance Management
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Introduction to Performance Management 
Performance refers to the position corresponding duties phased achieved results and their behavior can be evaluated during the performance. 
Performance management is the basis for the so-called consensus between managers and employees on how to achieve the goals and objectives, the achieved excellent performance in order to achieve organizational goals through incentives and management methods to help employees. The purpose of performance management is to inspire staff enthusiasm through and improve staff capacity and quality in order to achieve the effect of improving corporate performance. 
Performance management should first solve several problems: 
(A) the objectives and how to achieve the goals need to reach a consensus. 
(2) performance management is not a simple task management, which emphasized communication, counseling and improve staff capabilities. 
(3) only emphasizes results-oriented performance management, and attention to the process of achieving goals. 
Performance management covers a lot of content, it has to be resolved include: how to determine a valid target? How to make the target to reach a consensus between managers and employees? How to guide employees towards the correct target development? How to monitor the process of achieving goals? How to evaluate the achievement of performance targets and performance improvements? Performance management performance and a lot of people are usually understanding of "performance" is not the same. In performance management, we believe that performance is primarily a result of that what has been done; followed by the process, what kind of behavior that is used to do; third is the quality of the performance itself. Therefore, only a part of the performance appraisal performance management. 
Performance management is a business process management cycle through a continuing basis between managers and employees to achieve improved performance, the means used for the PDCA cycle: 
Figure: Performance Management PDCA cycle 
Performance Management 
Factors Affecting Performance 
The main factors affecting the performance of a staff skills, the external environment, internal conditions and incentive effects. Employee skills refers to employees with core competencies are internal factors, through training and development could be improved; external environment refers to organizations and individuals facing the organization is not swayed by factors that are objective factors, we can not control ; the internal conditions mean organizations and individuals to carry out a variety of resources needed to work, but also objective factors, to a certain extent, we can change the internal conditions of the constraints; incentive effect refers to the initiative of organizations and individuals to achieve their goals and work positive incentive effects are subjective factors. 
In the four factors that affect performance, only the incentive effect is the most factor initiative, initiative and enthusiasm to improve the people's initiative, the organization and the staff will try to win the support of internal resources, as well as organizational and employee skill levels will gradually improved. Therefore, performance management is through appropriate incentives to stimulate people's initiative, enthusiasm and inspire the organization and staff strive to improve internal conditions, improve skill levels and thus enhance individual and organizational performance.

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