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1 Why should foreign-invested enterprises to participate in the annual inspection? 
According to the national six ministries jointly issued "on the 2013 foreign-invested enterprises to carry out a joint inspection of the notice", the "Company Registration Regulations" provides that "corporate annual inspection approach", foreign-invested enterprises shall appoint the city's economic and trade information, finance Committee, Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, market Authority, the IRS and foreign exchange bureaus and other seven departments of the joint annual inspection. Foreign-invested enterprises, such as not in accordance with the provisions subject to annual inspection by the company registration authority shall be fined or even revoke its business license and other penalties. 
2 which companies should participate in the 2013 joint annual inspection of foreign-invested enterprises? 
Where the December 31, 2012 was established, registered in Shenzhen, all foreign-invested enterprises (including foreign investment, Ltd.), are required to participate in the joint inspection. 
Unincorporated branches of foreign-invested enterprises, engaged in business activities in China of foreign (regional) enterprises as well as other business units to the market only to declare the annual EAA. 
3 year annual inspection of foreign-invested enterprises in what way? What is the difference with the past? 
Full implementation of online inspection. Participation will be completed inspection companies to declare all of the information through the Internet. 
Unlike in previous years: 
1) year, companies do not need to print a paper annual report and audit report submitted to the jurisdiction of the paper market supervision bureau. 
2) has passed the annual inspection of the enterprise, self-determine whether the stamped copy of the inspection stamp on the business license as required. Must be stamped with 2012 annual inspection stamp business, should hold a copy of the business license in June 30, 2014 to the nearest market supervision bureau to handle registration hall, enjoy the city government "through train" service business center are also available at the public market regulators Register market Authority enterprise registration window or management Department. 
4 What is the online inspection? What are the benefits? 
The so-called "online inspection" is the foreign-invested enterprises through Internet access to government websites, according to the requirements of completing the project and transfer the registration data, the joint annual inspection departments were submitted online to receive verification of enterprise content directly to enterprises feedback review comments. Annual benefits of the Internet are: 
First, to facilitate business services. Companies do not participate in the examination of various departments and then line up the inspection window formalities; not result collar tables, cross tables or trial in the material is incomplete, data and other reasons not multiple trips. 
Second, public norms. The implementation of "online inspection" did open government and transparency, both for the convenience of foreign-invested enterprises queries, understand and master the laws, regulations and annual inspection schedule and other information handling, so that the openness and transparency, and annual review of normative behavior, easy community supervision of the inspection authority staff. 
Third, reduce the amount of enterprise data reporting. Prior to approval of the annual report, registration of the relevant data has been collected in previous years and the annual change in the unlikely event data and financial audit reports, financial statements existing data, in principle, to fill in the municipal inspection information system in the enterprise automatic annual report generation, so that the actual business data to fill in data reduction ratio should fill half, effectively reduce the burden on enterprises. 
5 What business online reporting annual convenient way? 
Annual business online reporting can take the following ways: 
1, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, foreign-invested enterprises shall submit the annual audit report issued by the accounting firm. Enterprise established in December 31, 2012, when the commission audited 2012 annual financial statements and audit reports, which can entrust their behalf reporting via the Internet. 
2, no audit report issued by enterprises, including the establishment of the new fiscal year less than a corporation, unincorporated branches, engaged in business activities in China of foreign (regional) enterprises and other business units, you can go online to review the inspection notes, press required to complete the online reporting. 
3, do not have access to the Internet enterprises, entrust business services unit, or via the Internet access service establishments (ie Internet) to complete the online reporting. 
4, complete the self-declared area of market supervision bureau computer settings. Enterprises do not have the above conditions, the filing deadline to be in the area of market supervision bureau, learn about the issues and inspection requirements, the completion of the self-declared area of market supervision bureau computer settings. 
6 companies reporting annual operating procedures? 
I login Shenzhen Trade and Economic and Information Technology Commission (www.szjmxxw.gov.cn), or Shenzhen Credit Network (www.szcredit.com.cn), or the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervisory Authority Network (http: //www.szscjg .gov.cn), or the Shenzhen Government online (www.sz.gov.cn), click on the "joint Annual Inspection of enterprises with Foreign Investment," notes the annual review, annual reports and other relevant information to fill in description. 
(Ii) the upper right corner of the home page click on "corporate enterprises Login", follow the prompts to complete the online submit annual declaration form. 
(Iii) has passed the annual inspection of the enterprise, self-determine whether the stamped copy of the inspection stamp on the business license as required. 
7 corporate annual reporting through the Internet requires attention to what common sense question? 
Online reporting annual operation, there must be an ordinary networked computers and printers to complete; initial entry "Online inspection" system needs to "set the initial password" prompt for specific operations by page. It should be noted that: login password for the inspection of foreign-invested enterprises login, fill in, submit annual reports and other reporting forms, view the annual results of operations, it should be kept in mind. 
8 How to check the online business review? 
After the foreign-invested enterprises to submit annual reports and other reporting form is successful, go to "View annual progress" page, you can see information about each prompt review and inspection department for the year. If the examination is not passed, the page will display a message to inform the specific reasons for the enterprise and specific procedures are not handled through and will send a short message to the mobile phone business contacts, companies should inform the prompt correction before making the declaration. Companies can also enter the foreign-invested enterprises joint annual inspection systems Home's "annual results" page, the query is greater than the annual results for 2007. 
9 train service on the enjoyment of big business enterprises are those convenient service? 
Enjoy the city government has passed the annual inspection "through train" service business may be the nearest to the area of market regulation branch registration hall, but also to the Civic Center market regulators registration window or Market Authority Enterprise Registration Management Office stamped inspection stamp. 
10. overdue declaration of annual corporate punished? 
According to Article 76, "Company Registration Regulations", "corporate annual inspection approach" Article 19 provides that: companies do not accept annual inspection in accordance with regulations, the enterprise registration authority ordered deadline to accept the annual inspection. Belonging to the company, in addition to a 10,000 yuan fine of not less than 100,000 yuan. Belong to branches of non-corporate legal entity and its affiliates, engaged in business activities in China of foreign (regional) enterprises, as well as other business units, in addition to a $ 30,000 fine. 
Enterprises within the period ordered not to accept the inspection, shall be announced by the company registration authority. Since the date of announcement, 60 days yet to accept the inspection, to revoke the business license. 
11. annual concealing the true situation, how to punish corporate fraud? 
According to Article 76, "Company Registration Regulations", "corporate annual inspection approach" Article 20 stipulates: Enterprise conceal the real situation in the annual inspection, fraud, enterprise registration organ shall be ordered to make corrections. Belonging to the company, in addition to a 10,000 yuan fine of not less than 50,000 yuan; serious cases, revocation of business licenses. Belong to branches of non-corporate legal entity and its affiliates, engaged in business activities in China of foreign (regional) enterprises, as well as other business units, in addition to a $ 30,000 fine. 
12 reference check what companies need to pay the cost? 
Do not pay any fees. 
13 companies in violation of statistical laws punished? 
For enterprises, institutions have false and concealed, forgery, tampering, refusing to report, repeatedly delaying statistics and other violations, according to "People's Republic of China Statistical Law Implementation Rules" Article 33 and "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Statistics Ordinance "Article XX, a fine of 50,000 yuan or less; market supervision of individual households have violations listed, shall be liable to a fine of 2,000 yuan.

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