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Universal Hong Kong - Hong Kong registered company
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Hong Kong as the world's most free and prosperous commercial port, logistics development, good infrastructure, transportation connections, is one of the world's largest port throughput; Hong Kong also has a sound legal system, a high degree of freedom of speech and protection of human rights, personal assets and business assets are in Hong Kong, a good legal protection; Hong Kong clean and efficient government policies to overseas investors is very relaxed, investment variety, has repeatedly been rated the world's most liberal investment port; many Hong Kong people, the international institutions and professionals gather in Hong Kong, the talent pool is completely suitable for enterprise development; Hong Kong tertiary industry is very developed, not only providing professional services platform, has also established a complete industrial chain; Hong Kong is Asia's economic and financial center, Hong Kong is a famous financing platform, whether it is private lending, government support, bank loans, public financing and venture capital consortium everything; Hong Kong is no strict export and import controls, there is no strict foreign exchange controls, capital flows freely; Hong Kong can open a corporate account and private accounts, funds and private accounts are free system conversion. You can also open multiple accounts, each account can include savings accounts, current accounts, foreign currency accounts, credit accounts, stock accounts, fund accounts, so that entrepreneurs in business, no worries. For mainland businessmen, Hong Kong registered company often more important to have the following advantages. 
First, Hong Kong registered company name freedom of choice. 
Second, very few restrictions on Hong Kong registered company operating range, convenient entrepreneurs operating a variety of businesses. 
Third, the Hong Kong company tax, low tax rates, tax havens can become reasonable. 
Fourth, the Hong Kong company registered capital is low, the registered capital is not required in place for entrepreneurs to create business. 
Five, high efficiency, high efficiency, typically eight to ten working days to be successful a Hong Kong registered company and open an account. 
Six, Hong Kong companies are an important part of the international framework, with a clear window concept. 
Seven, easy creation of Brand Hong Kong, Hong Kong registered trademarks global shortest time. 
Eight, liberal immigration policies to facilitate overseas investors to Hong Kong to live and work. Ride to the sea, an aspect of the world. 
Since Hong Kong registered company has so many benefits, and that the price is not cheap registered it! So, I visited a well-known company, register now understand the specific prices of Hong Kong companies. Hong Kong's special price 2999rmb, more other foreign companies preferential waiting for you. Finally, the company also revealed that in the next month, Hong Kong registered company's prices will rise in 2000 yuan, savvy you know how to choose the right!

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