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     Universal Accounting Secretaries Limited of Hong Kong is different from other agents. All of our registration, accounting, tax, auditing by a certified public accountant in Hong Kong directly in charge, professional, efficient and assurance. Hong Kong registered company is a file cumbersome procedures rigorous work; policies and regulations in Hong Kong, whether pre-consultation, or registration file size of fonts, content format requirements, are extremely harsh, a slight mistake can affect the results of registration, information leading to return and delay your time. So, choose a professional accountant & secretary's extremely important. I composed by the number of Hong Kong Certified Public Accountants (non-external), all operations by the Company Certified Public Accountants personally in charge, make sure the file is accurate, customers save a lot of time. After the incorporation of a company management is particularly important; Universal professional secretary for your calls, receive faxes, business correspondence, dealing with government bank letter, on behalf of, on behalf of the register; timely transmission of information, do the next Annual returns, submit annual report submit IRD zero declaration (ie one-stop personalized service) make the company facade work, fully embodies the role of the Hong Kong company managers. Ensure that your company operate in accordance with Hong Kong laws and regulations, to avoid incurring unnecessary for punishment. 
        Universal Accounting Secretaries Limited of Hong Kong headquartered in Wanchai, Hong Kong for Hong Kong's financial, business, government offices of the concentration; for Hong Kong Island's most prosperous regions of the core. Convenient location, to the greatest degree of processing time and cost savings. Hong Kong Universal to provide you with the name of Ha Wan Chai, Hong Kong Grade A registered address, ornate reception to enhance the company's image; make your business to gain advantage in the competition.

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