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Yi-Hong Kong teach you how to choose the right com
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In recent years, more and more mainland enterprises millions of companies incorporated in Hong Kong, the number of registered companies in Hong Kong also increased year by year. So under what circumstances could be considered Hong Kong registered company? Or register under what conditions a Hong Kong company can get more benefits? 

Shenzhen Yi-Hong Kong chief Miss Tang said that trading companies have overseas operations, the development of overseas customers, accept foreign currency loans, consider branding or reasonably avoid taxation need something, you can choose to register a Hong Kong company. Hong Kong registered company can not only meet the above requirements, but also in foreign trade settlement, increase confidence and other aspects of the product only has a positive effect. 

As we all know, Hong Kong is a city popular with investors, which has many beneficial factors related to the development of investors, and investors are able to enjoy the many benefits related company registered in Hong Kong and Hong Kong. Hong Kong has recently introduced an investor-friendly policies, this policy will be held in Hong Kong in June 2012, the abolition of capital registration fee, the purpose is to attract more investors to Hong Kong registered company. 

So how Hong Kong registered company? Miss Tang said Hong Kong registered company, there are two ways, one person at the Hong Kong investors to register, the second is to choose the right agent registered company proxy registration. 

Some very familiar with Hong Kong investors, they registered companies in Hong Kong are also very familiar with laws and regulations, will choose to personally go to Hong Kong registered company registered a way, however, the use of this method of Hong Kong registered company only a handful of investors, after all most investors in Hong Kong are not familiar with, not the identity of the relevant laws and regulations of Hong Kong, Hong Kong registered company to understand, so that all investors accounted for the vast majority want to register Hong Kong company's investors. 

Therefore, there are about 8 percent of the market, investors choose to entrust an agency to agency registered company registered in Hong Kong companies. This way not only can save valuable time for investors, but also save a lot of energy investors in Hong Kong registered company in the process, investors may encounter some problems if you choose a registered agent company, as long as the case of to the problem, the company's registered agent staff will assist investors to solve together, and can provide a more professional guidance. Therefore, the choice is from a registered agency expertise, financial strength, quality of service and reputation of the industry and other areas to choose from.

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