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Staff training refers to certain organizations to conduct business and nurturing talent needs, using a variety of ways for employees purposeful, planned development and training of management activities, open classes, House, etc. are common staff training and enterprise forms of training. 
Course categories 
Staff training divided by content, you can separate the two kinds: staff skills training and quality of staff training. 
An employee skills training: corporate demand for jobs, job competency training for staff of. 
2, the quality of staff training: business-to-staff quality requirements, mainly psychological quality, personal work attitude, work habits, etc. quality training. 
Training Methods 
Teaching method 
Belong to traditional training methods, the advantage of using it convenient, easy to control the whole process of training. The disadvantage is that the one-way transmission of information, feedback, poor results. Often used for training some of the conceptual knowledge. 
Audiovisual Technology Law 
Through modern audiovisual technology (such as projectors, DVD, VCR and other tools), for staff training. The advantage is the use of visual and auditory perception mode, intuitive and clear. But poor student feedback and practice, and the high cost of production and purchase of content easy obsolete. It is used for corporate profiles, teach skills training, can also be used for training of conceptual knowledge. 
Discussion method 
According to the cost and complexity of program operations can be divided into general group discussions and seminars in two ways. Seminar mostly lectures based, midway or after allowing students and speakers for communication. The advantage is multi-directional transfer of information can be compared with the teaching method is better feedback, but higher costs. The group discussion method is characterized by the exchange of information for multiple ways to pass the time, the students participate in high and low costs. Used for the consolidation of the knowledge, training, trainees analysis, problem solving ability and interpersonal ability, but when you apply for the training of teachers demanding. 
Case study method 
By providing relevant background information to trainees, let find a suitable solution. The use of low cost, good feedback effect, can effectively train the students analytical skills to solve problems. In addition, training studies show that case, to discuss the way knowledge can also be used for training classes and better. 
Advantages: a can help students learn to analyze problems and problem-solving skills; b able to help participants identify and understand the different possible ways to solve the problem. 
Limitations: a need for a longer time; b may also inspire and provoke different people; c and issues relevant information can sometimes be unclear, the results of the impact analysis.. 
Role-playing France 
Work training grant to play in the training of teachers who design which roles, other students and the training of teachers in performing students made after appropriate review. Because of the multi-directional transmission of information, good feedback effects, practical, low cost, and thus used for training interpersonal abilities. 
Advantages: a can stimulate the enthusiasm of students to solve problems; b increase the diversity of learning and fun; c can stimulate a lively discussion, so that students express their views; d be able to provide the opportunity to put themselves in others thinking stance;.. e. can avoid potential hazards and painful trial and error. 
Limitations: a number of viewers should not be too much; b show the effect may be limited by excessive shyness or too deep student self-awareness. Training should be attention to the problem: a venue to be ready with the infrastructure to enable the participants to keep some distance between the show and the audience; b must be clear before the performance issues encountered situations; c carefully selected student performances and role assignment; d.. to encourage students to perform in a relaxed mood;. e by different groups of students perform the same situation is repeated;. f can arrange student performances from different cultural backgrounds, in order to understand the impact of different cultures. 
This method is more suitable for the general concept of knowledge, learning, due to the emphasis on adult learning have experience and understanding of the characteristics, so that students have some learning ability and self-conscious is both economical and practical method, but this method also has poor oversight defects. 
Interactive Group France 
Also known as sensitivity training method. This method is mainly used in the practice of training and communication training managers. So that students experience in training activities to improve their ability to deal with interpersonal relationships. The advantage is that can significantly improve interpersonal and communication skills, but its effect is largely dependent on the level of teacher training. 
Network Training Act 
Is a new type of computer network information about training methods, greater investment. However, due to the use of flexible, in line with the new trend of distributed learning, focused on training students to save time and costs. In this way the amount of information, new knowledge, new ideas passed obvious advantages, more suitable for adult learning. Thus, in particular, the strength of the enterprise for all ages, but also training an inevitable trend of development. 
Individual guidance law 
Apprenticeship also called "apprenticeship", "apprenticeship" system, "individual guidance law" is in or on the experience from a senior age employees to support a relatively junior person personal development or career development institutions. The role of master contains coaches, advisers and supporters. As a coach, the junior who will help develop their skills, as a consultant, will provide support and help them build self-confidence; being supporters, will be actively involved as protectors of the transaction, so that those who got more important junior tasks, or allow them to use the power of promotion, a raise. 
Advantages: a begin work under the guidance of the master, to avoid blindly groping; b conducive to integrate into the team as soon as possible; c can eliminate tension just entering the work; d in favor of passing the fine work style of the traditional; e can.... Get rich experience from mentors place. 
Scene reduction 
Scene reduction is a new employee training methods. Its main approach is to have a way to let new employees from multiple dimensions projects, tasks, clients, colleagues, etc. to understand cause and effect and the context of what happened, and this way is the "activity stream." 
Collar of the system allows employees to work in accordance with the corresponding activities need to enter the stream, such as project activity flow, task activity stream, customer activity stream, personal activity stream, and so on. If you want to understand the project, project activities by entering all the information flow can understand project objectives, resources, implementation, documentation, and so on. If it is to take over a project unfinished task, the task may be reassigned to new colleagues, this new colleagues will understand immediately the pre-recording of task execution, because the task activity stream recorded in the process of implementing all of the problems, solutions , and customer feedback so as to put movie-like show in front. If you want to learn a new leadership department employees, it can have permission to enter each employee's personal space to understand how they work, interests, hobbies, work real progress, it is recommended for the proposed work and completed projects, tasks, documents and so on. 
Such leadership can quickly integrate into the team, quick to carry out their work. 
Training Role 
Corporate staff training, as the ability to directly improve the level of managers and staff skills, 
Provide enterprises with new ideas, knowledge, information, skills, increase staff competence and professionalism, innovation and excellent basic fundamental way the way, is the most important human resource development, investment in human capital investment is more important than physical capital. With China's accession to the WTO and the world economy, business has never been so highly trained like the present. This article will talk about some personal views on training, in order to innovative corporate training. 
Training - The Wings Enterprises 
Effective corporate training, in fact, is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the process. In fact, the effect does not depend on the training trainees individuals, but on the contrary, as the organization itself, the state of an organism plays a very crucial role. Good training for corporate benefits have four points: 
1, the training staff of the enterprise can enhance the sense of belonging and sense of ownership. On the corporate side, the more adequate staff training, staff more attractive, more able to play high-value-added human resources, so as to create more benefits for the enterprise. Data shows that PepsiCo Shenzhen 270 employees in 100 to conduct a survey, almost all of these people participated in the training. 80% of employees expressed their satisfaction with the work, 87% of employees are willing to stay with the company. Training not only improve the skills of workers, but also improve staff awareness of the value of their own, for a better understanding of the objectives. 
2, the training can promote two-way communication between companies and employees, management and employees layer, enhance solidarity and cohesion, create excellent corporate culture. Many companies take their training and commissioned training approach. This is easy to train into the corporate culture, because culture is the soul, it is a kind of values as the core for all employees for enterprise micro cultural awareness education system. Enterprise management and staff agree that the corporate culture, not only consciously learn to master the technical knowledge and skills, but also a sense of ownership, quality consciousness, sense of innovation. So as to nurture everyone's professionalism, spirit of innovation and social responsibility, self-forming and down scientific and technological knowledge, and create a good atmosphere conscious invention, enterprise technology professionals will thrive, corporate technology development capabilities will be significantly enhanced. More business management papers look at "Maoshan under." 
3, the training can improve the overall quality of staff, improve productivity and service levels, establish a good corporate image, enhance corporate profitability. American authorities to monitor the return on investment of training is generally about 33%. Large manufacturing companies in the United States of analysis, the rate of return the company resulting from the training of up to about 20% -30%. Motorola to provide at least 40 hours of training per year to all employee survey showed that: Motorola training costs $ 1 per $ 40 of production can be achieved within three years of benefits. Motorola believes that the good quality of the company employees who have been through technical innovation and conservation operations to create a $ 4 billion fortune for the company. Motorola's huge training gains illustrate the importance of training investment enterprise. 
4, adapt to market changes and enhance competitive advantage, training of reserve forces companies to maintain the vitality of the enterprise following the business forever. To put it bluntly enterprise competition is the talent competition. Wise entrepreneur Yulai clear understanding of the training is the development can not be ignored "human investment" is to improve the business "hematopoietic function" in a fundamental way. American study data show that the best investment is the ratio of enterprise technology innovation 5: 5, that "human investment" and hardware investments accounting for 50%. Human-based soft technology investments, the role of investment in machinery and equipment after a hard technology, benefits of output multiplied. In the same equipment conditions, increase the "people" invest up to cast a production of eight input-output ratio. Developed countries to promote technological innovation, not only pay attention to the introduction of machinery and equipment and other aspects of the renovation of hardware investment, but also pay more attention to improving people's quality as the main objective of soft technology investment. Facts have proved that talent is the first enterprise resources, with first-class talent, you can develop a first-class products, to create first-class performance, companies can compete in an invincible position in the market. 
5, to improve job performance. Effective training and development enables employees to enhance their knowledge of work needed, including corporate and departmental organizational structure, business objectives, strategies, systems, procedures, techniques and standards of work, communication skills, and interpersonal knowledge. 
Effective Training 
(A), emphasis on training needs analysis. This process is not only to determine the training objectives, training programs designed premise is standard and basic training assessment. 
(Two), strict examination, focusing on results. By evaluating the effectiveness of training, we can obtain the following information: Training timeliness of information, training purposes set reasonable or not information, information regarding training content and form of information, such as textbooks and teachers selected. 
(Three), establish a new training concept. First, establish a "training is the source of human capital appreciation," the idea of working to further improve the business leaders recognize the importance of training, staff training is really aware of the modern enterprise survival, competition, the basis for development. Secondly, staff training should be lifelong process, so employees can play a role in any career stage. Third, the ability to change a single job training for comprehensive training in the working abilities and skills training must also focus on learning attitude, innovation ability for joint exploitation. 
(Four), establish a scientific system of employee training system. Staff training model of the complete system should be consistent with the PDCA cycle, including the preparation phase, the training phase, the evaluation phase and the feedback phase.

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