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Examined or renewals
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Because you do not have to ask those specific content I put matters Hong Kong registered company needs to pay attention to the issue, should help to you 
Must be clear why they registered in Hong Kong, Hong Kong companies can help to our domestic enterprises and individuals in which areas 
Foreign exchange or taxation? Many companies do not know how to operate after registration. 
The following is a Hong Kong registered company must know the ten things (my clients are problems frequently encountered): 
1, how to open an offshore account, you need to prepare those documents, bank audit how long it takes. 
2, small areas of different banks, the required documents are not the same, and some require accountants in Hong Kong to verify the original, registered agent can provide it? Fee is not? 
3, there are those domestic banks (domestic and foreign) can open a bank account, they are much the annual fee, fee T / TL / C business is how much? 
  4, if the use of Hong Kong companies to do business with L / C letter of credit, how to pay a single, will produce cause discrepancies! How to appear after the treatment! 
5, how do make use of Hong Kong's transit trade, helping our domestic companies to reduce the tax on some losses, logistics, capital flow how to operate, how to handle documents. 
6, do import business, how convenient payment of foreign exchange, when you are domestic vendors when (do buy low and sell high), how to use Hong Kong companies to reduce the number of tax losses 
7, the export business, how in the profit margins relatively large amount of relatively large number of cases, how to exchange dollars into Renminbi for domestic use. (Since the devaluation of dollars now badly) 
8, the Hong Kong company's subsequent administrative expenses is how much, if I did not have any real local business in Hong Kong, how to tax, tax, and how the inspection fee, the cost is how much the two together, and some agents like to play blurred battle, at tax time, annual income once, get a lot of customers are disgusted, if I have the actual operations in Hong Kong native, how to tax, the cost is much 
9, once the Hong Kong companies do not want to how to do and what the consequences will be, how to deal with this Hong Kong company 
10, the last point is added, is the company's Hong Kong companies and islands difference, I generally keep telling my clients detail clear, in short, is to look at your business situation, your Hong Kong registered company purposes.

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