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Registered UK Company
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1, the company cabinet: Determine the English name of the company, the company registered capital; candidates and determine the proportion of shares to shareholders; determine Directors and Chairman of the candidates. 
2, signed a contract: submit the completed contract details and application form. 
3, the company name search: Submit three English company name, a working days to complete the search. 
4, pay the deposit: In accordance with a mutually agreed price advance 50%. 
5, the signing of a full set of file: arrange all shareholders to sign a full set of files to a specified location. 
6, the government approval process: about 5 working days to complete approval procedures. 
7, the production company file box: File box contains the articles of association, stock book, datebook, seals and so on. 
8, the establishment of the company is completed: 7-10 working days processing time, delivery outstanding amounts registered company and receive a full set of data. 
Registered UK company product information 
UK company registration certificate; 
British company legal registration documents; 
British Articles of Association; 
British company stock; 
Official record book British company; 
British company stamp; 
British company signed print; 
British company offset;

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