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Registered EU Trademark
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Germany registered trademark services: 
Apply for German Office 
Trademarks competent authorities in Germany is the German Patent and Trademark Office 
(Deustsches Patent-und Markenamt) 
German trademark protected objects 
Text, letters, numbers, graphics, sound, stereo, etc. 
How to apply for a trademark in Germany 
First, the application documents to be submitted 
A trademark standard examples, a specified product or service; 
2, of the mark; (26.2 × 17CM) 
3, the application fee; 
Second, the program 
Trademark applications in Germany 
After receiving the application, the Patent Office issued a paper give an application number and filing date (date of receipt of the application the Patent Office), and then 
Mailed to the applicant or agent immediately notice of acceptance. After this, the Patent Office will no longer be received books were sent out notices. In determining the number and the text after paying class though, will be whether it meets the formal requirements of an application for registration to the review. If you do not meet the requirements, will inform the applicant to make corrections. If you make corrections within a specified period, will continue to apply for the program, otherwise, will be rejected. If you apply for the following defects will be corrected after the date of filing date: the lack of information on the identity of the applicant; without trademark design; not specified goods or services. If there is no absolute grounds for refusal of a trademark can be registered. If there is an absolute reason, the applicant will receive notice of, and have the opportunity within the stipulated time the Patent Office opinion on this statement. After taking into account the views of the applicant, if the Patent Office considers it necessary to maintain dismissed. Examiner will determine whether a higher level of registration. 
If the registered German trademark is finally dismissed, the applicant may lodge an objection to the first OBJECTION EXAMINER, opposition invalid, may apply to the Federal Patent Court of Appeal. Objection, without additional charges. If the Patent Office did not respond to opposition within six months, the applicant may propose ruling request, if the request is not made in the latter two, the applicant can appeal. If the application materials meet specifications, there is no absolute reason, the German mark will be registered and announcements. It must be noted that, after registration, is only temporary trade mark rights in Germany, there may have been based on a prior right to dissent. 
German trademark registration opposition 
After the German trademark registration notice, prior right people can raise objections within three months. Objection a duplicate made. If the objection is established, the registration will be canceled. If these three months there are no objections, the trademark was officially registered, only cancellation revocation procedures to revoke the trademark. 
Trademark protection in Germany 
Protection of the decade, from the filing date, to ten years after the filing date until the last day of the month of. After each renewal of a decade. Finally, the 1st renewal must be made in the protection period, if the fee is not paid by this date, the Patent Office will notify the registrant of the trademark will be revoked. Within six months after the notice is served, the registrant can still be made for renewal, but must pay a fee and more. 
What is the international registration of trademarks? How to obtain trademark protection in foreign countries? 
International Registration of Marks is in accordance with "international trademark registration Madrid Agreement", "International Registration of Marks Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement, the Protocol) registered by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Trademark conducted. International Registration of Marks can be extended through the territory specified in the Agreement and the Protocol of States Parties directly protected by law, so as to produce one by the same legal effect trademark registration in these countries. 
Currently, there are over 40 member agreement, the main thing is: China, Algeria, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Egypt, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Morocco, Monaco, Mongolia, Portugal , Korea, Romania, San Marino, Sudan, Switzerland, Vietnam, Cuba, Poland, Russia and some former Soviet Union countries, and so on. There are more than a dozen member states of the Protocol, are: China, Spain, England, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Cuba, Czech Republic, Korea, Monaco, Poland. 
Trademark has strict territorial rights in any country can only be achieved in the country in which to obtain protection in other countries do not recognize their rights. With China's increasing foreign economic exchanges, trademarks decorated attached to a steady stream of Chinese enterprises towards the enterprise world merchandise. To obtain trademark protection in these countries sold, it must fulfill certain formalities through a certain way. At present, mainly in two ways: First, apply for trademark registration directly to the host country; Second, extending through the territory of International Registration of Marks. 
(A) directly to the host country to apply for trademark registration 
When the foreign applications for trademark registration, the general should be entrusted to the host country trade mark agents. This is because the applicants do not have much knowledge of the country's application for trademark law, do not understand the application of specific procedures; partly because most countries have regulations to non-nationals to apply for trademark registration shall entrust their trademark agent to handle . As for which a commission agent, given by the applicant's own choice. The applicant may entrust their application in the country's trading partners on behalf of looking, you can find their own, many companies are currently willing to accept foreign agency commission is a trademark of the country's workers to handle. Because many of these institutions and trademark agents abroad to establish a partnership, therefore reasonable to entrust their country overseas trademark registration applications both simple procedures, the timing is more satisfactory. When commissioned these institutions to handle, just issued by the appropriate power of attorney to provide the appropriate reproduction of the mark (word mark and sometimes not), specify the necessary range of goods on it. If the applicant has appointed himself to handle foreign trade partners, the two sides should sign an agreement, specifying the name of the application to our registration to prevent trademark sidelined. 
(2) International Registration of Marks and the territorial extension 
Member of the agreement and the agreement set up in October 4, 1989 and December 1, 1995, so our companies can be registered by international trademark laws protect trademarks acquired in the agreement or the Member States of the Protocol. Applications for international trademark registration shall Trademark Office, the procedure can also be an agent to handle their own processing. International trademark applications for registration must be trademarks or trademarks in China has been registered or applied for registration of the preliminary approval of its application for international registration specified goods are able to exceed its specified range of goods at the time of application for registration or the registration approved range of goods . 
Trademark Office received the application and the necessary accessories, after expenses relating to the application form will be sent to the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland International Bureau, by the registration of trademarks. After the International Bureau of the application for review, the upcoming The trademark registration, international trademark registration certificate issued at the same time inform the national deadline specified protection (in the States for one year agreement, member countries of the Protocol for eighteen months) for review. It should be noted that the international registration is not the exclusive right to produce, that is, the registered trademark and can not be directly protected in the Member States. Only when people apply for registration in a Member State to be protected, and requested the Office within the prescribed period the country has not rejected its protection requirements, the international registration of trademarks in order to enjoy the same with their trademark rights in the country. 
A member of the international registration of trademarks in the domestic territory extends protection called International Registration of Marks, as described above, only extends the application within the prescribed period of not dismissed the Member States, the trademark can be protected in that Member State. Request to extend the application of both international registration proposed, such as the name of the country to apply for protection stated on the application, such as France, Germany, at the time of the internationally approved international registration, the International Bureau will notify these two countries to be reviewed. Extend the application can also be made after the International Registration of Marks, after five years as a registered again requested Spain to be protected, the International Bureau after the receipt of the application will ask Spain to make a review of a decision within the prescribed time limit. If not dismissed within that period, the effect of the international registration of trademarks on the extend to Spain, and that person is registered in Spain enjoy the exclusive right to the trademark. It should be noted that, regardless of when the application for territorial extension, the Member States are requested protocol sister registered trademarks country's territorial extension is a trademark must have been registered in the country of origin, and the member countries of the Protocol is not required that. 
Conducted in accordance with international agreements trademark registration is valid for 10 or 20 years, two kinds of the period from the applicant's own choice, of course fees paid are different; international trademark registration is valid in accordance with the protocol conducted a decade. Whether valid for many years, you can renew when it expires. Otherwise, despite the international registration is valid, but there is no territorial extension was due for renewal and failure to make the mark unprotected. 
Just use international trademark applications for registration of a language (English or French), pay a fee to use one currency (Swiss francs), fill out a form, so to obtain trademark protection in foreign countries through the International Registration of Marks way both to save costs , but also saves time. Unfortunately, the current member states of the Agreement and the Protocol still developing China-based, some of the major developed countries such as the United States, Japan has not yet joined the agreement or protocol, and therefore still need to obtain trademark protection by way of registration in each of these countries.

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